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We're a company focused on our product's usability, we know our clients expect the best, and we're ready to do a development process you're going to love.
CoDN is the union of CODE and DNA, meaning that the code is the essence, the main member of the team. Is in our blood and will be for many years.
We're always listening, learning and exploring. We do all the possible things to achieve the best for our clients.

Website development

We're experienced with responsive websites, e-commerce and complex systems that are capable of becoming your bussiness's engine, we're minded to help you.

Designs into HTML markup.

If you have a design that you need to convert to web, let us help, we transform your design into functional HTML code.


If you need help with an alredy developed system or aren't sure of what do you need, we're prepared to help and tell you our point of view.

Apps development

Do you need someone to take your idea to the next level? We can do it, we develop the app that you need to take on your needs and launch your product.
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Instituto de Ingeniería de la UNAM, Campus Sisal

Hurricane Prediction System


The Laboratorio de Ingeniería y Procesos Costeros del Instituto de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Laboratory of Engineering and Coastal Processes of the Engineering Institute of the Autonomous National University of Mexico), is responsible for studying the behavior of tropical storms and hurricanes to prevent these natural disasters in Mexico and prepare citizens for these natural phenomena.


The institute had the databases of synthetic hurricanes based on mathematical equations. They needed to made comparisons according to the paths and intensities of these hurricanes.

The system reads the database to compare them. The application allows to choose the coordinates of interest to show hurricanes with nearby trajectories, once some hurricanes are selected, proceeds to compare waves and winds of those hurricanes, comparing intensities and impact areas in México.
The applicaition has been used to help compare and predicting actual hurricanes. Several international articles have been made about this software.
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